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Discover a machine learning tool for 85% accurate prediction of winners in professional tennis matches.
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How it works is an Artificial Intelligence information service designed to help you earn money on sports betting.

We’ve started with tennis and analyzed more than 825,000 past ITF and ATP matches using advanced machine learning algorithms. With this data, we built an Artificial Intelligence model that picks upcoming matches to predict the most probable winner. Current system accuracy is 85% and it’s still improving!
OhMyBet! system is all about high accuracy of picks, but not at the expense of their profitability. That’s why it offers only a limited number of predictions a day sorting out the ones with lower average odds — this way we decrease risks and make sure your yield is high. On a distance, this approach results in 12% ROI.

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With your subscription you unlock the list of upcoming matches with the predicted winner to bet on. The system picks only high probability winners with favorable average odds.


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Richest proprietary dataset

We’ve analyzed more than 825,000 past tennis matches taking into account a whole bunch of match and player statistics as well as news and social media to measure soft factors such as motivation.

Advanced Machine Learning

With advanced machine learning algorithms, we used this data to train the predictive Artificial Intelligence model. It’s been thoroughly tested and tuned and is currently 85% accurate.

AI picks the most likely winner

OhMyBet! analyzes upcoming matches against historical data to find the most probable winner. Then it cuts off the bets with lower odds. That’s how we get our high profitability predictions.

Self-improving algorithms

The more matches the system analyzes the smarter it gets. This means every new match adds accuracy to the model as our algorithms learn and adopt to new information on the fly.

AI does all the work

You do not need to be an expert anymore to bet on sports. Leave dull statistics and analysis to the OhMyBet! machine. All you need is to choose a proper distance and a single bet amount.

Math brings money

Making money on sports betting has never been so easy before. OhMyBet! machine saves your time and offers you a smart and reliable way to earn a second income. Or maybe the main one!

What you get

Live predicted list

See upcoming matches with winners to bet on and choose a bookie with best odds available.

Personal betting history

See the matches you’ve marked across the full prediction history and adjust your strategy with our analytics.

Up to 100% annual profit

Machine counts chances, you count profit. See how much you would have earned the previous year with our Profit Calculator.

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1 month
$22 / week
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$16 / week
You save $135 (25%)

  • $66 per month
  • $399
  • $15,000 average profit

    single bet amount is $1000

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3 months
$19 / week
You save $38 (15%)

  • $76 per month
  • $229
  • $7,500 average profit

    single bet amount is $1000

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